ANN: ViTables 2.0 released

Vicent Mas uvemas at
Mon Dec 22 10:49:11 CET 2008


I'm happy to announce a new release of ViTables, the GUI for PyTables and

This new version is a major rewrite of the previous one. Lots of things have
been improved under the hood. A big effort has been made in order to improve
not only look and feel (finally it works with PyQt4) but also stability and

This version works fine with the just released PyTables 2.1.
It seems to work fine with Python 2.6 too (it gives some warnings but
apparently thats all)
although I've not tested it all with this version of Python.

An installer for Windows is now available.

As usual you are encouraged to use ViTables and spread the word.

Announcing ViTables 2.0

I'm happy to present ViTables 2.0, the latest release of this viewer for
PyTables/HDF5 files.

As it happens with the entire PyTables family, the main strength of ViTables is
its ability to manage really large datasets in a fast and comfortable manner.
For example, with ViTables you can open a table with one thousand million rows
in a few tenths of second, with very low memory requirements. Also important is
the fact that it is designed to be a multiplatform application, i.e. it runs
flawlessly in Unix (and hence, GNU/Linux), Mac OS X and Windows. The fact that
it runs on top of PyTables ensures its speed and memory efficiency.

In this release you will find some bug fixes and usability enhancements, but
the most important change is that ViTables has been finally migrated to use the
Qt4 library. As a consequence ViTables has been largely refactored and even
rewritten. It is now more compact (a couple of thousand lines have
been dropped),
more stable and looks nicer. Changes are important enough to deserve a new major

At the moment, ViTables has been fully tested only on GNU/Linux and Windows
platforms, but as it is made on top of Python, PyQt and PyTables, its
portability should be really good and it should work just fine in other Unices.

How to get it
Go to:

and click the link 'downloads area' to find the available packages.

Share your experience
I'm very interested in your feedback about ViTables. Please send your
opinions, suggestions, bugs, etc. to the ViTables Users Group at

Thank you!

Enjoy Data with ViTables, the troll of the PyTables family!

Share what you know, learn what you don't.

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