samurai-x2 0.1 released

dunkfordyce at dunkfordyce at
Tue Dec 23 13:54:10 CET 2008


We are happy to release version 0.1 of samurai-x2. samurai-x2 is a
window manager written in pure python using ctypes, xcb and cairo.

samurai-x2 is a rewrite of samurai-x which used xlib, the new version
uses xcb instead which makes the code simpler and faster. Using xcb
makes samurai-x one of the first window managers to use xcb and using
nothing but python and ctypes makes samurai-x one of the first 'pure
python' window managers available.

For more information, including installation instructions check

Big thanks to all have helped out with samurai-x but especially to
Fred Reichbier who has done a lot of work on the new xcb based version
and to Jochen Maes for hosting the project.

Merry Christmas
Dunk Fordyce

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