[ANN] Release 0.71.5 of Task Coach

Frank Niessink frank at niessink.com
Wed Dec 24 21:46:30 CET 2008


We're happy to announce release 0.71.5 of Task Coach. This release
adds one usability enhancement and a few bug fixes.

Bugs fixed:

* Don't wake up every second just to keep track of reminders and midnight.
* Hide main window after showing reminder dialog when it was hidden before.
* When marking a recurring task completed, recur its reminder too, if any.
* Refresh task status at midnight.
* Fix tab traversal in the effort editor on Linux.

Feature added:

* When double clicking an item in a viewer, open the editor on the
right page, depending on the column clicked. For example, when
clicking on the due date column in a task viewer, Task Coach will open
the task editor with the dates page raised. Patch provided by Carl

What is Task Coach?

Task Coach is a simple task manager that allows for hierarchical
tasks, i.e. tasks in tasks. Task Coach is open source (GPL) and is
developed using Python and wxPython. You can download Task Coach from:


In addition to the source distribution, packaged distributions are
available for Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X, and Linux (Debian and RPM

Note that Task Coach is alpha software, meaning that it is wise to
back up your task file regularly, and especially when upgrading to a
new release.

Cheers, Task Coach developers

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