AVC 0.5.0 released

f.pollastri at inrim.it f.pollastri at inrim.it
Mon Feb 4 15:48:25 CET 2008

Announcing AVC 0.5.0
Webpage: http://avc.inrim.it/

What is AVC?
AVC is a multiplatform, fully automatic, live connection among
graphical interface widgets and application variables for the python
language. AVC supports in a uniform way the most popular widget
toolkits: GTK, Qt3, Qt4, Tk, wxWidgets. AVC is a python module that
can be imported by any python application.
The display and the control of some application data through a GUI
(Graphical User Interface) is a central problem in GUI programming, it
absorbs a relevant part of the programming effort. AVC makes this
programming very easy, far more easy than traditional solutions based
on MVC (Model View Controller).

*  Fully transparent widget-variable connections
* Automatic connection by matching widgets and variables names
* No design pattern, no application redesign, no widget toolkit
dependent code.
* Multiple widget toolkits support: GTK, Qt3, Qt4, Tk, wxWidgets.
* Full compatibility and support for Glade, Qt Designer, Visual Tcl
and wxGlade interface    design tools.
* Widgets support: button, check button, combo box, entry, label,
radio button, slider, spin button, status bar, text view/edit, toggle
* Variable types support: boolean, integer, float, string, list,
* Multiple widgets to one variable connection
* Dual update timing of variable value views: immediate or periodic.
* Testing printout logging activity with selectable verbosity
* Python module written in pure python
* Free software ( GNU GPL license )

AVC 0.5.0 released 4-Feb-2008

    * Extended label widget output formatting to support generic
python objects and to have a fallback to the standard python string
representation (str()) when there is no formatting string or the
formatting string is not valid.
    * New examples: a label formatting example program for each
supported toolkit.
    * New examples: a programmatic version (GUI generated by program
instructions) of the spin button/box/control example for each
supported toolkit.
    * Added testing capability: activity report printout with
selectable verbosity level.
    * Rewrited the widget abstraction layer: improved code structure,
more compact, better separation among widget toolkit dependent code in
AVC bindings and in AVC core code.
    * Anticipated the test for supported widget from coget creation
(Coget.__init__()) to connections detector (_bind()): more efficient.

AVC 0.4.0 released 15-Dec-2007

    * Added support for wxWidgets widget toolkit, widgets: button,
bitmap button, check button, choice, combo box, radio box, slider,
spin control, static text, status bar, text control, toggle button.

AVC 0.3.0 released 30-Sep-2007

    * Added support for TK widget toolkit, widgets: button, check
button, entry, label, radio button, scale, spin box, text.
    * Fixed input from Qt4 QdoubleSpinBox.
    * Fixed wrong type of formatting string for Qt3 and Qt4 label
    * Added control type casting to string returned by entry widget.
    * New web site structure, user documentation moved from one html
page to "User Manual" in different formats: pdf, html.

AVC 0.2.0 released 30-Jan-2007

    * Added new widgets: combo box, slider, status bar (GTK only),
text view/edit.

AVC 0.1.0 released 10-Jan-2007

    * First release.

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