ANN: Pygoo 0.1 released

Simon Forman forman.simon at
Mon Feb 25 10:07:14 CET 2008

Pygoo alpha 0.1 released.  Pygoo is a SPARK [1] parser that generates
ElementTree representations of Tkinter widget specifications which are
then fed to a modified version of effbot's XML-to-Tkinter function [2]
to render actual widgets.

You can use it to create Tkinter widgets without having to build them
programatically.  There is also provision for automatically connecting
callbacks to the widgets.

I made this for another project, but I thought it might be interesting
or useful enough for others so I cleaned it up a bit and am releasing
it to the public on the GPL.  If you check it out please let me know
what you think.  (Feel free to file issues on the googlecode site.)

There are some demos bundled with the source, that and the language
spec on the googlecode wiki should get you started.


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