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Wed Feb 27 02:14:44 CET 2008

Hi everyone, we are beginning to accept papers for PyCon Italia Due,
the second edition of the italian python conference. This year the
conference will be held from 9th till 11th May in Florence in Italy.

The first day of the conference (9th May) will start at Palazzo
Vecchio in the afternoon with an opening Keynote by Richard
Stallman. The next days instead the conference will be at the
Viva Hotel Laurus near the Duomo.

Thanks for the attention!

Call for papers (http://www.pycon.it/pycon2/cfp-en)


The conference is structured on three parallel tracks: Discovering
Python, Spreading Python and Learning Python:

  * Discovering Python: will primarily focus on introductory topics
    about Python libraries, framework and technologies;

  * Spreading Python: will instead focus both on advanced technical
    topics and parallel arguments like development methodologies,
    real-world use cases and management techniques;

  * Learning Python: will feature a continuous interaction between the
    speaker and the audience: the speaker will propose a topic and
    introduce a possible solution, then the talk will dynamically
    evolve, naturally following questions and notes from the audience.

Talks could focus on the following topics (the list is not exclusive
neither exaustive):

  * vast and/or distributed applications written in Python;
  * scientific and computationally intensive applications;
  * interaction with other languages/environments, RPC, services;
  * web programming and web frameworks;
  * desktop programming and GUI toolkits;
  * Python as "scripting" language (system housekeeping, COM, etc...);
  * Python and databases;
  * Python as educational language;

Talks will be screened on contents, relevance for Python community and
overall quality.

Each talk will have one of the following duration: 30', 60' or 90'.
Please specify which length best fit your contents. Remember that this
timeframe also includes the time for the audience to enter and leave
the room.

The talk must be given in either the English or the Italian language.
For native English speaker, please consider that you will probably
need to speak a little slower than usual for perfect comprehension of
the audience, so the talk will be longer than you expect. See also the
note at the end of this paper.

How to submit a paper
Your talk proposal must be submitted online through Assopy[1]. You will
need to enter some biographic notes about the speaker, and an abstract
of the talk (a couple of paragraphs). Note: Assopy is still Italian
only; English version is coming online soon.

If your talk is accepted
Once your talk proposal is approved, you'll have to submit your paper
before the conference opening day.

Each paper must be original work. We won't accept papers containing
copyrighted material.

Papers will be accepted in plain text, HTML (single page please),
PostScript, PDF, ... Please use a standard format, viewable and
printable on all major systems.

The files must be submitted within Assopy[1].

A note for non-Italian speakers
We warmly welcome and encourage the presence of non-Italian speakers
at PyCon Italia. Please, notice that most talks will be in Italian,

We are planning to provide Italian-to-English realtime translation for
our guests, but we cannot guarantee this yet, because of budget
constraints. We would also like to provide English-to-Italian realtime
translation for that part of the audience which is not much familiar
with English. To help us out, please point companies you are in
concact with to our sponsorship program. Thanks!

[1]: http://www.pycon.it/pycon2/login

Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone
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