Utility Mill Launch - Instant Hosted Python Apps

gregpinero at gmail.com gregpinero at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 06:17:56 CET 2008

Have you ever wanted to put a simple Python program online, but didn't
have the energy to make a full-blown web application?

This is exactly what Utility Mill (http://utilitymill.com) lets you
do.  A simple GUI walks you through setting up the inputs for your new
utility.  Then you paste in your Python code into a textbox, and
that's it, you now have a hosted Python app.*

a RESTful API is automatically created for your new application as

Here are some examples of popular utilities made so far:

http://utilitymill.com/utility/Greeting_Card_Generator  - a Greeting
card generator
http://utilitymill.com/utility/Exe_Dump_Utility  -  a Tool to view
what's inside an EXE file
http://utilitymill.com/utility/Steganography_Encode  -  a Utility to
hide text within an image
http://utilitymill.com/utility/Date_Adder  -  a Tool to add various
time units to any date

This project is still in the alpha stage so I'm very interested in
your feedback.

* You'll probably want to modify your code a bit to make it work with
the inputs you set up of course.

Gregory Piñero
Blended Technologies

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