itools 0.20.2 released

"J. David Ibáñez" jdavid at
Fri Jan 4 18:55:34 CET 2008

itools is a Python library, it groups a number of packages into a single
meta-package for easier development and deployment:

  itools.catalog          itools.i18n             itools.uri
  itools.csv              itools.ical             itools.vfs
  itools.datatypes        itools.odf              itools.web
  itools.gettext          itools.pdf              itools.workflow
  itools.git                 itools.xliff
  itools.handlers         itools.rss              itools.xml
  itools.html             itools.stl
  itools.http             itools.tmx

This release brings a couple API enhancements.

The "context.check_form_input" method from itools.web has been improved.
Before it just tested whether the input data was valid or not; now, if
everything is fine, it returns the deserialized values.

The "Catalog.get_unique_values" method has been added to the programming
interface of the Index&Search engine.  It returns all the values stored
in the catalog for a given field.




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