ikaaro 0.20.1 released

"J. David Ibáñez" jdavid at itaapy.com
Fri Jan 4 18:56:06 CET 2008

This is a Content Management System built on Python & itools, among
other features ikaaro provides:

 - content and document management (index&search, metadata, etc.)
 - multilingual user interfaces and content
 - high level modules: wiki, forum, tracker, etc.

Most important in this release are a couple of enhancements.

There is the beginnings of a system to keep track of references from
one object to another (like internal hyper-links between web pages).
This system will help to keep referential integrity, and to have the
possibility to track orphan objects, or to know the back-links to a
web page (for instance).

(Given the nature of this change existing instances must rebuild the
catalog with the "icms-update-catalog.py" script.)

With the new "forms.generate_form" function we have the beginnings of
a system to automatically generate web forms from an schema (useful for
prototyping for example).

Many bugs have been fixed too (specially in the bug tracker), including
#209, #210, #217, #219, #221 and #223.




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