[ANN] PyAMF 0.1b

Nick Joyce nick at boxdesign.co.uk
Sun Jan 13 20:06:04 CET 2008

PyAMF is a lightweight library that allows Flash and Python applications
to communicate via Adobe's ActionScript Message Format.

A summary of new features features and improvements in this release:

 - Implemented Local Shared Object (LSO) 
 - ByteArray now implements DataInput and DataOutput instead of
 - remoting.client mostly fully supports the predefined headers 
 - Fixed argument positioning for RemoteObject processing 
 - Remoting client now supports authentication 
 - Proper encoding for aliased subclassed builtin types, specifically
 - Added support for easy encoding of Django object queries
 - Added 'expose_request' argument to DjangoGateway to expose the
underlying HTTP Request object as the first arg in the called services

Check out the download page [1] and installation instructions [2]. Got
questions? First stop is the mailing list [3], but we also hang out on


the PyAMF team

[1] http://pyamf.org/wiki/Download
[2] http://pyamf.org/wiki/Install
[3] http://lists.pyamf.org/mailman/listinfo
[4] irc://freenode.net/pyamf
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