RELEASE: Elisa 0.3.3 'Mayfly'

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Wed Jan 16 19:45:34 CET 2008

This mail announces the release of Elisa 0.3.3 'Mayfly'.

Elisa is a project to create an open source cross platform media
center solution. While our primary development and deployment platform
is GNU/Linux and Unix operating systems we also currently support
MacOSX and also hope to support Microsoft Windows in the future. In
addition to personal video recorder functionality (PVR) and Music
Jukebox support, Elisa will also interoperate with devices following
the DLNA standard like Intel's ViiV systems.

Elisa uses Twisted and GStreamer. Twisted enables the high-level
functionality, distributing components over the network. GStreamer,
through the Python bindings, enables the high-speed low-level
functionality: actual media processing.

For more information, see
To file bugs, go to
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This is Elisa 0.3.3 "Mayfly", third release of the 0.3 branch.

Highlights of the features added since 0.3.2:

- completely new user interface named 'raval' making a better use of screen's
  real estate
- new visualisation modes: grid of pictures, vertical list and cover flow like
- stacks of picture replace dull directory icons
- mouse support greatly improved
- playback from DAAP shares has been reactivated
- new YouTube plugin
- audio visualisation using libvisual
- faster startup
- better detection of media types using GStreamer
- basic playlist support

Bugs fixed since 0.3.2:

- 752: [win32] update media_uri with windows path
- 885: Online services thumbnails do not appear
- 195: Windows port
- 385: elisa should not hardcode file extensions as a way to detect file type
- 418: Font regeneration when viewport size changes
- 427: DAAP playback support
- 506: solve the sorting problem
- 721: Elisa not starting when running on Python 2.4
- 748: Externalisation in separate files of model/controller/views associations
- 758: [win32] units tests do not works on windows
- 763: Component missing a Python dependency prevents Elisa from starting up
- 781: thread issue with hal, dbus and the elisa bus
- 446: Cleanup of attribute change notifications
- 592: ticket explanation page
- 618: Don't ship .mo files in the source distribution
- 633: Sizes in player_view of poblenou_frontend should be relative to the canvas
- 709: Use ReviewBoard for code reviews
- 725: Unicode breaks media_uri (as usual)
- 728: Typefinding potential improvements
- 732: Windows/task system
- 733: faster plugins loading
- 738: HAL fails to initialize if dbus not running
- 743: Cleanup and proper testing of lists in MVC
- 745: Complete unit tests in core
- 750: In Pigment based frontends, changing the size of the canvas does not work well
- 762: use media_manager wherever or open() is called
- 774: Playing a video and then trying to play another one before its end does not work
- 778: Hotplug is broken
- 787: Remove the classic frontend plugin
- 788: Split plugins.bad.media_bad in two plugins
- 789: split plugins.good.input_good in two plugins
- 790: split plugins.good.media_good
- 791: move stage6 plugins in ugly
- 792: split plugins.ugly.media_ugly in two plugins
- 801: split plugins in plugins.base.media_provider
- 839: update configuration updator
- 846: Split plugins.bad.input_bad in two plugins
- 847: Split plugins.good.services_good in three plugins
- 850: Rename and move service plugin (elisa/plugins/service) into an about plugin
- 865: Polish (pol) translation
- 868: get_metadata should have a priority parameter
- 722: PlayerRegistry should state a warning if there are no player engines in the configuration
- 723: Play next song after current song is finished.
- 724: Bind next track on streamzap remotes to next song by default
- 760: make XDG user-dirs support optional
- 761: gnomevfs plugin crashes if gnomevfs module is not installed
- 765: Elisa starts when pysqlite2 is not installed, but segfaults when it is
- 772: playbin engine/player engine will not open property_set('uri'....
- 773: EXIF Rotated pictures are rotated  at low quality and not rotated in high
- 852: move mouse in player frame dropping video
- 854: Subtitles desynced when seeking in media
- 861: Add moblin detection code in
- 866: Untranslated strings
- 894: GPL-Licence and copyright year update


You can find source releases of Elisa in the download directory:

Elisa Homepage

More details can be found on the project's website:

Support and Bugs

We use an issue tracker for bug reports and feature requests:


You can browse the repository of SVN code from our tracker.
All code is in SVN and can be checked out from there.
It is hosted on

Contributors to this release:

- Guido Amoruso
- Hugo Baldasano
- Florian Boucault
- Christophe Dumas
- Alessandro Decina
- Benjamin Kampmann
- Arek Korbik
- Lionel Martin
- Loïc Molinari
- Philippe Normand
- Michał Sawicz
- Josep Torra

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