ikaaro 0.20.2 released

"J. David Ibáñez" jdavid at itaapy.com
Mon Jan 21 15:51:22 CET 2008

This is a Content Management System built on Python & itools, among
other features ikaaro provides:

  - content and document management (index&search, metadata, etc.)
  - multilingual user interfaces and content
  - high level modules: wiki, forum, tracker, etc.

This release brings a few new features.

The new events log (log/events) keeps information about the database
activity.  The debug log has been removed, and now debugging data is
recorded in the events log.

The tracker has a new field named "CC", so any user in the "CC" list
will be notified with an email every time the issue changes.

There are three new views: "backlinks", "orphans" and "broken_links".
Useful for maintenance purposes, these views leverage the mechanism
for referencial integrity introduced in the previous release.

Many bugs have been fixed, including #108, #205, #207, #215, #222,
#224, #225, #227, #228, #230, #231, #238, #239 and #240.




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