ANN: TurboGears Released

Christopher Arndt chris.arndt at
Tue Jan 22 02:11:39 CET 2008

TurboGears Released

The TurboGears team with its release manager, Florent Aide, is pleased
to announce the release of TurboGears

This is the latest in a series of releases from the 1.0 branch, which
has been the stable version of TurboGears for more than a year now.
With this release the 1.0 branch will enter maintenance mode, which
means, that the TurboGears 1 Team will concentrate on preparing a beta
release of the 1.1 branch and only critical bug-fixes will still be
released for 1.0. (In the meanwhile, other folks from the TurboGears
team are putting together a preview release of the upcoming TurboGears 2
version -- but this is a different story.)

What is TurboGears?

TurboGears is a popular rapid web development megaframework, built
from a number of great Python projects and with a bunch of high-level
features built within the TurboGears project. The goal of the project is
to ease development of modern web applications and support the full
stack from database back-end to the web client front-end.

For more information about the project and its goals please visit the

Where to get it?

As always, TurboGears can be installed by following the instructions in
the wiki:

What's New?

Since this is an important milestone in the TurboGears release history,
here's a summary of the most important changes from last couple of beta
versions leading up to this release. Detailed information can be found
in the ChangeLog as usual:


* First stable release to support SQLalchemy 0.4.0.
* Many pagination improvements
* Many quickstart template improvements (logging, start-up scripts,
model, coding style)
* turbogears.url() has proper support for multiple parameter values and
parameters passed as lists.
* tg-admin quickstart allow to import a project into an SVN repository
when creating it.
- Many i18n improvements (string collection in Kid templates, JavaScript
i18n, tg-admin i18 command line interface)
- A lot of unit tests have been added.


- Important security fix (CVE-2008-0252) by now requiring CherryPy 2.3.0
- Fixes for visit cookie expiration and re-sending
- Many fixes in the parameter encoding/decoding logic
- toolbox loading will no more crash trying to import missing SQLObject
- Many i18n fixes (unicode handling, ignore XML PIs and comments)
- Several fixes in turbogears.testutil


Too many to name them all here ;-) Please see the ChangeLog at for a list of contributors for
each release.

We would like to thank everybody involved for their support!

Christopher Arndt

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