EuroSciPy - First Slides Online

Mike Müller mmueller at
Thu Jul 10 21:26:41 CEST 2008


The conference is just a bit more than two weeks

I am happy to announce that the first slides are available.
They can be found at the conference page:

There is a link "slides" marked with an info icon just behind
the talk title.

Alternatively, all submitted slides are listed here:

Eventually all slides will be available there.

Conference Date and Venue
The EuroSciPy Conference will be held July 26-27, 2008
in Leipzig, Germany.

The direct link to the registration site is here:

The registration fee is 150.00€ (no early registration

The schedule of talks is available at:

The keynote speaker this year will be Travis Oliphant, the
primary author of the recent NumPy rewrite.

Pre-Conference Courses
If you like to extend your trip to Leipzig, you can attend
pre-conference courses:

1.) 2-day course "Introductory to Python for Programmers"
     followed by a
2.) 3-day course "Python for Scientists and Engineers"

About EuroSciPy
EuroSciPy is designed to complement the popular SciPy
Conferences which have been held for the last 7 years at
Caltech (the 2008 SciPy Conference in the U.S. will be held
the week of August 19-24). Similarly, the EuroSciPy Conference
provides a unique opportunity to learn and affect what is
happening in the realm of scientific computing with Python.
Attendees will have the opportunity to review the available
tools and how they apply to specific problems.
By providing a forum for developers to share their Python
expertise with the wider commercial, academic, and research
communities, this conference fosters collaboration and
facilitates the sharing of software components, techniques and
a vision for high level language use in scientific computing.
Typical presentations include general python use in the
sciences, as well as NumPy and SciPy usage for general problem
solving.  Beyond the excellent talks, there are inter-
session discussions that prove stimulating and helpful.
Registration will include breakfast, snacks and lunch for
Saturday and Sunday.

For those doing scientific computing using Python,
this is a conference you'll not want to miss.

Please pass this announcement along to any other relevant

Many Thanks,
Mike Müller

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