grin 1.1

Robert Kern robert.kern at
Mon Jul 14 09:02:10 CEST 2008

grin is a new grep-like tool for recursively searching through text
files, primarily source code.


Basically, it does exactly what I want grep to do 99% of the time with
the least amount of thinking: recursive grep that skips crud I'm
almost never interested in. For example, .svn/ directories contain
"clean" copies of your source code to enable quick local operations
that don't talk to the server. grepping through a Subversion checkout
will pick up false positives in these files.

grin solves this problem and also serves as a nice library for you to
implement custom search tools. If you can make a filelike object with
the text you want to search, the grin library can search it with all
of the same features of the command line tool. I talk about these
possibilities a little more over here:

Robert Kern
robert.kern at

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