[ANN} Daily pyogp coders meeting (PYthon Open Grid Protocols for virtual worlds)

Lawson English LEnglish5 at cox.net
Tue Jul 15 15:19:40 CEST 2008

pyogp is a Python-based virtual worlds test harness and client library 
being developed by Linden Lab, makers of Second Life, and members of the 
SL Architecture Working Group, in order to test the Open Grid Protocols 
that were used in the recent "proof of concept" demo by IBM and Linden 
Lab, that allowed avatars to teleport from one virtual world (Second 
Life) to another (Open Simulator) using standardized interoperability 


A daily meeting within Second LIfe has been setup for pyogp coders and 
designers to meet, as described in the announcement below. This is the 
transcript of the first meeting:


The pyogp meetings are open to any "resident" of Second Life, and anyone 
with a desire to contribute to the process (especially coding) is 
certainly welcome.

In World Meetings
We're going to start having daily meetings at "infinity is full of 
stars" in the Levenhall simulator in Second Life at 9:30AM SLT (Pacific 
Coast Time) each day. These meetings are for the PyOGP coders to meet 
and discuss design, process and status. In the near term, these are 
likely to be "somewhat beefy" meetings where design issues are discussed 
and differences hammered out. In the longer term, these will hopefully 
be more "Agile Stand-Up" style meetings where we discuss: a. what we've 
done in the last 24 hours, b. what we're going to do in the next 24 and 
c. what we're blocked on.

what     PyOGP Coders Meeting
who     PyOGP l33t C0d3rZ
where    "infinity is full of stars" @ 
when     9:30AM SLT / 12:30PM Eastern Time / 5:30PM GMT / 6:30PM Central 
European Time
why     for PyOGP contributors to hash out architecture, design, test 
and deploy issues

IRC:             irc://irc.freenode.com/#pyogp
Mailing list:  https://lists.secondlife.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/pyogp
wiki:             http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Pyogp

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