[ANN] netaddr for Python

David Moss drkjam at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 01:30:48 CEST 2008

This is a post to announce the creation of a brand new library for
called NetAddr. It is a network address manipulation library released
under the BSD license.

It supports several of the most common address formats (IPv4, IPv6
and MAC and IEEE EUI) as well as several aggregate notations such
as CIDR. An effort has been made to provide an API that is as
as possible.

NetAddr is now in beta (latest release is 0.3.1) and is currently
actively developed. Developers and testers are needed to assist in
improving the quality and availability of network library support for
Python which is distinctly lacking when compared with other popular
interpreted languages such as Ruby and Perl. NetAddr is an attempt to
redress this imbalance to some extent.

Home page: http://netaddr.googlecode.com/

Features include :-

  - Flexible support for the representation of multiple address types
    using the a common set of network address classes

  - Address objects emulate standard Python types dependent on
    context. They behave as strings, integers, lists, compare and
    numerically, etc

  - Efficient representation of large address spaces via several
    types. Also supports arbitrary network address ranges that don't
    necessarily fall on strict bit boundaries

  - Generators are used throughout for efficient iteration, indexing
    slicing of network address spaces and ranges

  - Testing on both big and little endian architectures has carried
    throughout the initial development of this library

  - A lot more features are planned over coming releases

Requirements :-

  - Python 2.3 or higher (doesn't support Python 3.0 ... yet)

For more information, downloads and examples, please visit :-


Share and enjoy,

David Moss

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