Elisa Media Center 0.5.2 Release

Olivier Tilloy olivier at fluendo.com
Mon Jul 21 20:03:44 CEST 2008

Dear Elisa Users,

The Elisa team is happy to announce the second official release of the
0.5 series of the Elisa Media Center, Elisa 0.5.2 'Good news everyone...'.

With this release Elisa takes another step towards its goal of being a
true cross-platform media center. It works under Windows Vista and XP,
as well as the main Linux distributions.

The main outlines of this release are:
- The integration of a media scanner that indexes one's music collection
and allows one to browse it by Artists/Albums, with automatic albums'
covers and artists' photos retrieval;
- The localization of the UI. Thanks to contributions from the community
Elisa is currently fully translated in Spanish, Catalan, French,
Italian, German, Dutch, Polish, Swedish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Various bugs have also been fixed since the release of Elisa 0.5.1, the
complete list can be found at

There are still some known issues in this release and we are working on
solving them as fast as possible:
- Audio Visualization does not work on Windows
- Audio CD are not detected
- DAAP client missing under Windows
- USB storage devices do not show up on Linux

To find out more on the progress of the project, you can check the
project's page on Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/elisa

Feel free to try it out! Elisa 0.5.2 can be downloaded from the website
at http://elisa.fluendo.com/download/.

You can also help us by suggesting cool features, reporting bugs,
submitting patches, writing plugins or localizing Elisa in your language.

Best regards,

The Elisa team

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