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Massimo Di Pierro mdipierro at
Tue Jun 3 07:06:25 CEST 2008

Hello everybody,

I just released the KPAX CMS 1.0 beta (based on web2py).
Create web pages, wikis with locking and versioning, blogs, chats,  
surveys, video/audio streams. No programming required. Runs off a USB  
drive too.
The name is temporary.

Here is a screencast/tutorial
Download from


Some features:
Lots of a Ajax for user friendly interaction.
Granular Access Control mechanism based on group membership.
Users can create and join groups. Group owner can require approval of  
memberships applications.
Users can post news and turn them into RSS feeds.
Users can create folders and insert pages in folders.
Users can create surveys and assignments (including anonymous).
Users can create and join chat lines. Chats synchronously and  
asynchronously,  like a discussion board.
Folder pages can be public web pages,  public or private wikis, can  
accept comments, and can contain documents.
Pages have versions and can be compared with previous versions.
Wiki pages have locking so no conflicts.
Documents in pages can be media files. If they are large they are  
Media files are played by the built-in flash player. Movies can be  
played full-screen.
Assignment are automatically graded and generate reports and statistics.
WYSIWYG editor (similar to but easer than Word)
System errors result in tickets issued to the visitors.  All errors/ 
tickets are logged.
Web based administrative interface.
Web based database administrative interface.
Secure.  Secure cookies  Server-side sessions.  Server-side form  
validation. No SQL Injection flaws.
Scalable using threads and/or processes (multiple installation behind  
Uploaded documents/media can be stored in filesystem or database.
Server runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Client/Ajax code compatible with IE6+, Firefix 2+, Safari 3+.
Works with Sqlite (built-in), MySql, PostgreSql, and Oracle.   
Transaction safe. SQL generated via meta-programming.
Works with any CGI, FastCGI and WSGI server including CherryPy’s  
(built-in),  Apache,  and Lighttpd.
Written in Python. The code is concise and readable.  All web forms  
are automatically generated.
Automatic migrations for easy upgrade.
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