ANN: OpenOpt 0.18 (numerical optimization framework)

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko at
Sun Jun 15 22:24:42 CEST 2008

We're pleased to announce:
OpenOpt 0.18 (release), free (license: BSD) optimization framework
(written in Python language) with connections to lots of solvers (some
are C- or Fortran-written)  is available for download.

Changes since previous release 0.17 (March 15, 2008):

    * connection to glpk MILP solver (requires cvxopt v >= 1.0)

    * connection to NLP solver IPOPT (requires python-ipopt wrapper
installation, that is currently available for Linux only, see openopt
NLP webpage for more details)

    * major changes for NLP/NSP solver ralg

    * splitting non-linear constraints can benefit for some solvers

    * unified text output for NLP solvers

    * handling of maximization problems (via p.goal = 'max' or

    * some bugfixes, lots of code cleanup



OpenOpt developers.

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