ANN: gmpy v1.03 is released

casevh casevh at
Mon Jun 23 02:43:15 CEST 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm happy to announce that GMPY v1.03 has been released.

It is available at:

What is GMPY?
GMPY is a C-coded Python extension module that wraps the GMP library
provide to Python code fast multiprecision arithmetic (integer,
and float), random number generation, advanced number-theoretical
functions, and more.

What is new?
  * Two significant bugs on 64-bit platforms have been fixed.
  * Improved support for building on Mac OSX.
  * Instructions for building on Windows are now included.
  * Binary installers are provided for Windows, including Python 2.6.
  * In addition, abinary installer using a version of GMP
    optimized for Core2 processors is provided for Python 2.6.


Case Van Horsen

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