New Python User Group forming in Maryland: BACON-PIG

Stephen Waterbury waterbug at
Sat Mar 1 21:08:18 CET 2008

This is to announce the formation of a new Python User Group: the
Baltimore/Annapolis/Columbia/and-Other-Northern-dc-suburbs Python
Interest Group (BACON-PIG).  Although there is a good and venerable
group in Washington, DC (the ZPUG-DC or Zope/Python Users of DC,
<>) some of us Maryland Pythonistas are too
lazy (guilty! :) or unable for whatever reason to schlep down into DC
or Northern Virginia for after-work meetings -- hence the motivation
for a Python User Group that meets in Maryland!

In deference to ZPUG-DC, the BACON-PIG will make every effort to have
its meetings on dates that are at least 2 weeks away from ZPUG-DC
meetings, and the BACON-PIG will also focus on topics other than
Zope and/or Plone, since those are more than adequately addressed by
the ZPUG-DC group.  Of course, attendance at both groups' meetings is

A new mailing list, <bacon-pig at>, has been created for
announcements and discussion by participants in the BACON-PIG, so
please join that list if you are interested!

The kick-off meeting may be as early as Thursday, March 6 and will
be announced on the bacon-pig list.  There will definitely be a
BACON-PIG meeting after PyCon, at which some who were privileged to
attend PyCon (such as myself and Barry Warsaw) will report on all
the fantastically cool stuff that we will have seen there.

Steve Waterbury

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