Bruce the Presentation Tool version 2.0beta1

Richard Jones richardjones at
Sun Mar 2 07:59:09 CET 2008

I'm proud to release version 2.0beta1 of Bruce the Presentation Tool.

Bruce is for programmers who are tired of fighting with presentation tools. In 
its basic form it allows text, code or image pages and even interactive 
Python sessions. It uses pyglet and is easily extensible to add new page 

Download from

2.0beta1 released 2008-03-02 is a complete rewrite using pyglet 1.1:

- audio playback on any page, including blank ones
- simple point-by-point text display with styling and progressive expose
- interactive python interpreter with history
- code display with scrolling
- unicode escaped chars in ascii file
- html page display with scrolling
- image display with optional title and/or caption
- configuration may be changed inside a presentation, affecting subsequent
- resource location (images, video, sound from zip files etc.)
- timer and page count display for practicing
- logo display in the corner of every page
- may specify which screen to open on in multihead
- may switch to/from fullscreen
- HTML output of pages including notes
- video playback

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