Announcing pytracer

Eyal Lotem eyal.lotem at
Thu Mar 6 17:45:18 CET 2008

I was very dissatisfied with the output of existing Python profilers,
as they aggregate all calls to the same function (losing context
information), and output a big flat list of functions that I find very
hard to use in order to profile a program.

I believed a better approach is to view the program as a tree of
function calls - so I started a small project we call pytracer.

pytracer lets you run a program similarly to cProfile (Currently, the
performance hit is worse than that of cProfile, but that can probably
be improved), while creating a profile.out result file.

Then, a Gtk+ based viewer can be used to view the profile.out,
exposing an expandable tree of function invocations - each with timing
information (real, user, system time).

You can find the project at:
And the downloads at:

Project authors:
Eyal Lotem
Noam Lewis
Simon Yoffe

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