ANN: TurboGears Released

Christopher Arndt chris.arndt at
Sun Mar 9 21:29:13 CET 2008

TurboGears Released

The TurboGears team and release manager Florent Aide are pleased
to announce the release of TurboGears

This release marks the last active version of the stable 1.0 branch. All 
new developments will now occur in the 1.1 branch. The 1.0 branch will 
only receive critical bug-fixes and security updates from now on.

The TurboGears 1 Team will concentrate on preparing a beta release of 
the 1.1 branch. The future version 1.1 will provide different defaults 
for the template engine (Genshi) and the ORM (SQLAlchemy) and should 
ease transition to the upcoming TurboGears 2.0 version (which builds on 
Pylons) for 1.0 users.

Contributors wanted!

With the transition to version 1.1. the TurboGears project is now going 
through a critical phase, and we can use every support by volunteers we 
can get. Maybe you want to contribute to TurboGears, but you don't know 
how? Our core developer Chris Zwerschke just posted a call for help on 
the mailing list, listing more than half a dozen areas where help is 
needed. A copy of his post can be found on this wiki page:

Also, PyCon 2008 in Chicago is coming up this week and there will be a 
TurboGears Sprint Session after the weekend. If you want to get your 
hands dirty with code NOW, why don't you sign up for the sprint?

What is TurboGears?

TurboGears is a popular rapid web development megaframework, built
from a number of great Python projects and with a bunch of high-level
features built within the TurboGears project. The goal of the project is
to ease development of modern web applications and support the full
stack from database back-end to the web client front-end.

For more information about the project and its goals please visit the
homepage at

Where to get it?

As always, TurboGears can be installed by following the instructions on
the wiki:

What's New?

Release is a bug-fix release which addresse a few problems with 
the last two releases:

   * The quickstart templates have been cleaned-up.
   * The session cookie handling routines have been made more robust and
     more cross-browser compatible.
   * It is now possible to have an SSL login page while the rest of the
     web site uses normal HTTP.
   * Compatibility with SQLAlchemy 0.4.3 was added.

For a full list of changes please see the ChangeLog (see below).


Too many to name them all here ;-) Please see our ChangeLog page for a 
list of contributors for each release:

We would like to thank everybody involved for their help in putting this 
release together!

Christopher Arndt

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