ANN: GrassyKnoll 0.3

Pete pfein at
Mon Mar 10 15:11:34 CET 2008

I'm pleased to announce the 0.3 release of GrassyKnoll, a search engine 
written in Python. This is an exploratory release - while fully functional, 
it is not production ready.

Going to Pycon?  I'll be giving a presentation on GrassyKnoll at the ChiPy 
meeting Thursday night:  We'll also be 

 * Multiple storage options 
 * Multiple networked frontends 
 * Multiple wire formats 
 * A clean, powerful data model
 * Lock-free concurrency
 * Extensive high-level & source code documentation 
 * A large suite of unittests

Use Cases
Grassyknoll can provide network-accessible search platform for applications 
such as: 
 * Site Search: provide "search this site" functionality on your website
 * Intranet Search: index all of your enterprise data
 * Desktop Search: simultaneously index and search your laptop's documents,
   emails, etc..
 * More!

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