Martien Friedeman mfriedeman at
Tue Mar 11 23:13:07 CET 2008

CodeInvestigator version 0.7.5 was released on March 12.

A bug was fixed:
- Mac OS X line endings are now supported. Thanks Skip!

A usability change was made:
- Firefox may be running when CodeInvestigator starts.  
CodeInvestigator opens inside a new tab (Linux, Windows) or a new  
window (Mac OS X).

CodeInvestigator is a tracing tool for Python programs.

Running a program through CodeInvestigator creates a recording.  
Program flow, function calls, variable values and conditions are all  
stored for every line the program executes.
The recording is then viewed with an interface consisting of the  
code. The code can be clicked: A clicked variable displays its value,  
a clicked loop displays its iterations.
You read code, and have at your disposal all the run time details of  
that code. A computerized desk check tool and another way to learn  
about your program.

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