bbfreeze 0.96.1

Ralf Schmitt schmir at
Fri Mar 14 15:08:51 CET 2008

Hi all,

I uploaded bbfreeze 0.96.1 to python's cheeseshop [*].
bbfreeze creates standalone executables from python scripts (similar to
bbfreeze works on windows and unix-like operating systems (no OS X
bbfreeze is able to freeze multiple scripts, handle egg files and track
binary dependencies.

This release fixes a rather severe bug, where the whole site-packages
could be zipped as an egg file.
New in this release is support for easy install entry scripts and
development eggs.
It now also contains better recipes for wxPython, kinterbasdb and mercurial.

More information can be found in the package index:

The development repository (mercurial) can be found here:

[*] Note: 0.96.0 had been released yesterday, but it contains a bug, which
prevents eggs from being packaged as a whole.

- Ralf
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