ANN: IronPython 2.0 Beta 1

Dave Fugate dfugate at
Fri Mar 14 19:29:49 CET 2008

Hello Python Community,

I'm pleased to announce IronPython 2.0 Beta 1.  This particular release contains almost one hundred bug fixes of which the majority were reported on (118 votes)!  2.0 Beta 1 includes the following improvements over the Alphas:

*         PEP 328, absolute and relative imports, has been implemented

*         PEP 302, new import hooks, has been implemented

*         Numerous Python dictionary improvements

*         'sys' is now a real builtin module

*         Test projects for IronPython .NET (ClrAssembly) and COM interop (DlrComLibrary) support have been added to the 'Src\Tests' directory within the source zip file

*         More improvements to the -X:PreferComDispatch flag

We'd like to thank everyone in the IronPython Community who reported bugs fixed in 2.0B1: undebtedly, Anthony Baxter, pobrien, Kamil Dworakowski, millind, romank, tarlano, Michael Foord, Evan Klitzke, sanxiyn, jbevain, jackeyoo, Jeff Brown, Oliver Yu, rridge, lthompson, JiaJun Liu, CriGoT, abs, jdhardy, sbergman, sjmachin, Eloff, atifaziz, arman0, Qvin, Vizcayno, Davy Mitchell, CurtHagenlocher, Laurion, luntain, py_sunil, zvikag, David Fraser, Gary Stephenson, and Beaton.

You can download IronPython 2.0 Beta 1 at:

The IronPython Team

IronPython is a new implementation of the Python programming language running on .NET. It supports an interactive console with fully dynamic compilation. It is well integrated with the rest of the .NET Framework and makes all .NET libraries easily available to Python programmers, while maintaining full compatibility with the Python language.
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