Py-Lib 0.9.1 released

Carl Friedrich Bolz cfbolz at
Sun Mar 30 20:46:46 CEST 2008

py lib 0.9.1: bugfix release

The py lib team has just released version 0.9.1 of the py lib - a
library aiming to support agile and test-driven python development on
various levels.

This is mostly a bugfix release, with a couple of new features sneaked in.
Most important changes:

* reduced the number of threads used in py.execnet
* some new functionality (authentication, export, locking) in py.path's
  Subversion APIs
* stability and segfault fixes in execnet
* numerous small fixes in py.test's rsession (experimental pluggable
  and generative test features
* some fixes in the py.test core
* added py.misc.killproc, which allows killing processes on (some
flavours of) Windows and UNIX

For a complete list of changes, see doc/changes-0.9.1.txt in the source


Work on the py lib has been partially funded by the European Union IST
programme and by within the PyPy project.

best, have fun and let us know what you think!

holger krekel, Maciej Fijalkowski,
Carl Friedrich Bolz, Guido Wesdorp

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