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My forthcoming book:

"Programming in Python 3: A Complete Introduction to the Python

is now available from Safari Books Online. The online version contains
about half the book so far and is about six weeks behind my working
copy. It is accurate for Python 3.0 alpha 4. More text will be added
and updates made as the book and Python progress.

The book began life last year once it was clear that Python 3 was
going to come out this year. The printed version should be available
in October in the U.S.---but it will only go to press once all the
examples and snippets have been tested against Python 3.0 final, so
the date will slip if Python's release date slips.

The book is aimed at a wide audience, but assumes some programming
experience (not necessarily Python, not necessarily object-oriented).
It teaches solid procedural style programming, then builds on that to
teach solid object-oriented programming, and then goes on to more
advanced topics. But even newcomers to Python 3 should be able to
write useful (although small and basic) programs after reading chapter

There is no Python 2 coverage (except for an appendix on migration),
so as to avoid confusion and to allow the book to use Python 3 to its
best advantage.

Clearly Python 3 is going to change between now and September, but the
book is up to date now, and will continue to be kept up to date as
every alpha, beta, and release candidate is made available.

The table of contents, a brief overview, and some very short extracts
are available from the Safari site:

The book is being greatly benefited by feedback from several technical
reviewers, including Jasmin Blanchette, David Boddie, Georg Brandl,
Trenton Schulz, and Phil Thompson.

Mark Summerfield, Qtrac Ltd.,

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