ANN: PyAMF 0.3.1 Released

Thijs Triemstra | Collab lists at
Mon May 5 11:11:01 CEST 2008

We're pleased to announce PyAMF 0.3.1, a lightweight library that  
allows Flash and Python applications to communicate via Adobe's  
ActionScript Message Format.
AMF3 and RemoteObject are supported in all the implemented Remoting  
gateways, compatible with Django, Twisted, TurboGears2, Google App  
Engine and any WSGI-compatible application.

This release provides improved support for Google App Engine and comes  
with following changes and fixes:

  - Google Model/Expando encoding now works out of the box
  - Django model adapter now imported only when django.db.models is  
imported (Ticket:261)
  - Fixed issue with Remote Object destination (Ticket:270)
  - Added a new gateway for the Google App Engine - see (Ticket:253)
  - amf0 Encoder now takes amf3 contexts into account (Ticket:268)
  - amf*.encode helpers can now accept multiple arguments (Ticket:267)
  - Removed the dependency of fpconst for Python 2.5 or newer (Ticket: 
  - Solved issue with AMFPHP exceptions in AMF client (Ticket:258)
  - Fixed issue with url parsing in AMF client (Ticket:256)
  - Client no longer raises httplib.ResponseNotReady when making  
multiple requests using the same RemotingService (Ticket:254)

Check out the download page [1], installation instructions [2] and  
examples [3].
Questions? First stop is the mailing list [4], but we also hang out on  
IRC [5].


- the PyAMF team

[5] irc://

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