Sphinx 0.3 released

Georg Brandl georg at python.org
Tue May 6 16:58:45 CEST 2008

I'm pleased to announce the next minor version of Sphinx, the Python
documentation generation tool.

What is it?

Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful
documentation for Python projects (or other documents consisting of
multiple reStructuredText source files).

Its website is at <http://sphinx.pocoo.org/>.

Partial list of changes
(full list at http://sphinx.pocoo.org/changes.html)

* The ``toctree`` directive now supports a ``glob`` option that allows
   glob-style entries in the content.

* A new config value, `exclude_dirs`, can be used to exclude whole
   directories from the search for source files.

* The configuration directory (containing ``conf.py``) can now be set
   independently from the source directory.  For that, a new command-line
   option ``-c`` has been added.

* A new directive ``tabularcolumns`` can be used to give a tabular column
   specification for LaTeX output.  Tables now use the ``tabulary`` package.
   Table output is now much better, even with default settings.
   Literal blocks can now be placed in tables, with several caveats.

* A new config value, `latex_use_parts`, can be used to enable parts in LaTeX

* Autodoc now skips inherited members for classes, unless you give the
   new ``inherited-members`` option.

* A new config value, `autoclass_content`, selects if the docstring of the
   class' ``__init__`` method is added to the directive's body.

* sphinx.ext.autodoc: descriptors are detected properly now.

* sphinx.latexwriter: implement all reST admonitions, not just ``note``
   and ``warning``.

* Lots of little fixes to the LaTeX output and style.


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