Paver 0.7: Better than distutils, better docs and more

Kevin Dangoor dangoor at
Fri May 9 05:04:42 CEST 2008

Paver ( is a "task"  
oriented build, distribution and deployment scripting tool. It's  
similar in idea to Rake, but is geared toward Python projects and  
takes advantage of popular Python tools and libraries.

Paver can be seen as providing an easier and more cohesive way to work  
with a variety of proven tools.

With Version 0.7, Paver is now a full stand-in for the traditional  
distutils- or setuptools-based Need to perform some extra  
work before an sdist runs? No problem:

def sdist():
     ...move files around, etc....

You put that in your file and now running "paver sdist"  
will perform your logic and then run the distutils sdist command.

Paver can even generate a so "python sdist" or  
"python install" work just as they always have. And to make  
it easier for people who don't yet have Paver, you can include a small  
zip file that enables "python install" to work off of a file even without Paver.

Paver 0.7 has a bunch of new tools to help with project documentation  
(taking advantage of Georg Brandl's Sphinx and also including Ned  
Batchelder's Cog). Paver now includes much better docs, too.


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