ANN: origo-submit 0.0.1

Hartmut Goebel h.goebel at
Sat May 17 19:09:18 CEST 2008

I'm pleased to announce origo-submit 0.0.1, a tool for summitting
releases to the Origo software development platform.

This is teh first working version. Is able to upload files, create a
release and list releases. Enjoy.


:Quick Installation:
     easy_install -U origo-submit


What is origo-submit?

origo-submit is a script that supports automated creation of releases
at the Origo software development platform via its XML-RPC interface.
It is intended for use in project release scripts.

Inspired by Eric S Raymond's freshmeat-submit

:Author:    Hartmut Goebel <h.goebel at>
:Copyright: GNU Public Licence v3 (GPLv3)

Schönen Gruß - Regards
Hartmut Goebel

Goebel Consult
Spezialist für IT-Sicherheit in komplexen Umgebungen

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