ANN: GOZERBOT-0.8.1-BETA released

Bart Thate bthate at
Sun May 18 11:13:12 CEST 2008

working to a new 0.8.1 release we make a BETA available to be tested
by interested users.

new features:

    * ssl connections are now supported
    * third party software included into gozerbot:
          o feedparser (used by RSS) .. makes atom feeds possible
          o simplejson (used by COLLECTIVE)
          o BeautifulSoup (used to parse webpages)
    * renewed RSS plugin
    * renewed collective plugin
    * renewed webserver plugin .. new webserver API
    * notification plugin as well as a client program

if you are using one of these features please test this BETA.

the BETA can be downloaded from and problems with
it can be reported on or email me at
bthate at

about gozerbot:


    * a shell
    * python 2.4 or higher
    * if you want to remotely install plugins: the gnupg module
    * if you want mysql support: the py-MySQLdb module
    * if you want jabber support: the xmpppy module

Why gozerbot?

    * provide both IRC and Jabber support
    * user management by userhost .. bot will not respond if it
doesn't know you (see /docs/USER/)
    * fleet .. use more than one bot in a program (list of bots)
(see /
    * use the bot through dcc chat
    * fetch rss feeds (see /docs/RSS/)
    * remember items
    * relaying between bots (see /docs/RELAY/)
    * program your own plugins (see /docs/PROGRAMPLUGIN/)
    * run the builtin webserver (see /docs/WEBSERVER/)
    * query other bots webserver via irc (see /docs/COLLECTIVE/)
    * serve as a udp <-> irc or jabber gateway (see /docs/UDP)
    * mysql and sqlite support

the gozerbot development team

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