Sphinx 0.5 released

Georg Brandl georg at python.org
Sun Nov 23 19:44:44 CET 2008

Hi all,

I'm proud to announce the release of Sphinx 0.5 - Birthday edition! [1]

What is it?

Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful
documentation for Python projects (or other documents consisting of
multiple reStructuredText source files).

Its website is at <http://sphinx.pocoo.org/>.

Important changes
(full changelog at <http://sphinx.pocoo.org/changes.html>)

There have been lots of changes since the 0.4 series.

First of all, development moved to Mercurial and BitBucket.org.
The new project page is <http://www.bitbucket.org/birkenfeld/sphinx>,
which is also the repo URL.  See the Wiki there for more information
on Mercurial, issues and extensions.

Highlights of new features -- in no particular order:

  - Added support for internationalization in generated text with the
    ``language`` and ``locale_dirs`` config values.  Many thanks to
    language contributors:

    * Horst Gutmann -- German
    * Pavel Kosina -- Czech
    * David Larlet -- French
    * Michał Kandulski -- Polish
    * Yasushi Masuda -- Japanese
    * Guillem Borrell -- Spanish
    * Luc Saffre and Peter Bertels -- Dutch
    * Fred Lin -- Traditional Chinese
    * Roger Demetrescu -- Brazilian Portuguese
    * Rok Garbas -- Slovenian

  - The new extensions ``sphinx.ext.jsmath`` and ``sphinx.ext.pngmath``
    provide math support for both HTML and LaTeX builders.

  - The new extension ``sphinx.ext.intersphinx`` half-automatically
    creates links to Sphinx documentation of Python objects in other

  - The new extension ``sphinx.ext.todo`` allows the insertion of
    "To do" directives whose visibility in the output can be toggled.
    It also adds a directive to compile a list of all todo items.

  - The JavaScript search now searches for objects before searching in
    the full text.

  - Citations are now global: all citation defined in any file can be
    referenced from any file.  Citations are collected in a bibliography
    for LaTeX output.

  - Footnotes are now properly handled in the LaTeX builder: they appear
    at the location of the footnote reference in text, not at the end of
    a section.  Thanks to Andrew McNamara for the initial patch.

  - You can now document several programs and their options with the
    new ``program`` directive.

  - Figures with captions can now be referred to like section titles,
    using the ``:ref:`` role without an explicit link text.

  - Only generate a module index if there are some modules in the

  - The new config value ``latex_elements`` allows to override all LaTeX
    snippets that Sphinx puts into the generated .tex file by default.

  - Added ``source_encoding`` config value to select input encoding.

  - sphinx.ext.autodoc has been improved considerably with respect to
    customization and extensibility.

  - Added a command-line switch ``-A``: it can be used to supply
    additional values into the HTML templates.

  - Added a command-line switch ``-C``: if it is given, no configuration
    file ``conf.py`` is required.

  - Added a distutils command `build_sphinx`: When Sphinx is installed,
    you can call ``python setup.py build_sphinx`` for projects that have
    Sphinx documentation, which will build the docs and place them in
    the standard distutils build directory.

Many thanks go to the many contributors, bug reporters and discussion
participants on the mailing list who helped shape this release.


[1] Yes, it's my birthday today. Yes, I have a life. ;)

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