ANN: Resolver One 1.3 released

Giles Thomas giles.thomas at
Mon Nov 24 17:43:26 CET 2008

We are proud to announce the release of Resolver One, version 1.3.
Resolver One is a spreadsheet that allows you to write Python directly
in cells, and converts the spreadsheets you create into Python
programs.  It's based on IronPython, and runs on Windows.

For version 1.3, we've made two big changes:

* Our Web server, which (as you would expect) allows you to expose
your spreadsheets to other people as web applications, is now included
- it was previously a commercial-only product.
* We've added column- and row-level formulae.  With these, you can
specify one formula which is then used to fill in a whole column or
row, reducing duplication and starting to bring some of the benefits
of loops to the spreadsheet world.

We've done a screencast outlining both of these: <http://>

Michael Foord also did a great screencast describing how you can use
Python-syntax formulae with column-level formulae to do interesting
stuff: <>

Resolver One is free for non-commercial use, so if you would like to
take a look, you can download it from our website: <http://>

Best regards,

Giles Thomas
MD & CTO, Resolver Systems Ltd.
giles.thomas at
+44 (0) 20 7253 6372

17a Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5RD, UK
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