py.edit.js -- a simple python editor in javascript

Sriram Thaiyar sriram.thaiyar at
Thu Nov 27 18:20:10 CET 2008

I thought people here might be interested
in a simple, lightweight Python "editor" written in Javascript.
Something to use when blogging or replying to comments.

Its just a proof-of-concept -- something I've had rolling in my head
for a while.

 - simplistic auto indent/dedent of lines
 - can output as html, text
 - bookmarklet mode - opens a mini-editor within the current page
 - spaces at the beginning of a line, dedents the next line by that
   many blocks -- an easy way to close blocks.

 - sometimes the Javascript Bookmarklet doesn't close, when the user
   tries to close it

I've tested it with Safari & Firefox under OS X.


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