Ruis - multiparadigm middleware for distributed systems

Antti Kervinen ask at
Sun Nov 30 12:11:28 CET 2008


I'd like to introduce Ruis, a new kind of library for developing
distributed systems in Python.

Unlike the usual distributed middleware, Ruis does not force the use
of any single distributed architecture (such as client-server) nor any
single distributed programming paradigm (such as RPC). Instead, you
can also do peer-to-peer distribution, distributed computing, thin
clients, for instance, and use reflective programming and
aspect-oriented technologies in distributed setting.

The Ruis package also includes webformp, a proof-of-concept web
application platform as a Ruis module. It has been used in the
"cross-site chat" example application: less than 100 lines of code of
Python in a single file implements a chat that can be distributed on
several http servers.

If interested, please check out



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