ANN: Solu 0.1 - Office Resource Finder

Heikki Toivonen hjtoi-better-remove-when_replying at
Wed Oct 8 09:37:58 CEST 2008

Solu is a simple web application meant for making it easy to find
colleagues, meeting rooms and other resources in an office. Great when
you are new in a company and don't know where everyone and everything is
located in! In other words, Solu is the "cubicle finder". And if you
have ever configured a printer for a computer and being frustrated with
the printer dialog that only showed the IP address but not where the
printer was located, Solu can help! It has a self service model without
any authentication or permission checks, where anyone can find and
update any resource's information.

Besides the easy installation, all you need to set up an instance is
your office map or office floorplan or blueprints stored as an image file.

This is the first public release.

Solu Project Homepage:


  Heikki Toivonen -

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