ANN: python-aspects 1.2 released

Antti Kervinen ask at
Thu Oct 9 11:23:03 CEST 2008

Hello! is a lightweight and low-level library for intercepting
function calls. Functions and methods (also in Python standard library
and third party code) can be wrapped so that when they are called, the
wrap is invoked first. Depending on the wrap, the execution of the
original function can be omitted, or the function can be called
arbitrarily many times. Wraps are able to modify the call arguments
and the return values of wrapped functions and handle
exceptions. There can be many wraps on the same function. The wraps
can be enabled, disabled and removed in any order.

python-aspects-1.2.tar.gz released in October, 2008. What's new:

    * without_wrap() function for removing arbitrary wraps around
      functions or methods. This works for new-style wraps only. So
      far, only the topmost wraps could be peeled.

The library is available for download at

under LGPL 2.1 license.


-- Antti

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