[ANN] Release 0.71.2 of Task Coach

Frank Niessink developers at taskcoach.org
Fri Oct 24 23:16:41 CEST 2008


We're happy to announce release 0.71.2 of Task Coach. This release
fixes a few bugs and adds two small features.

Bugs fixed:

* The reminder dialog didn't work.
* One couldn't add an URI attachment "by hand".
* The combobox with tasks in the effort editor wouldn't always be
properly filled, making it impossible to edit the effort record.
* Warn the user when the task file cannot be saved.
* Warn the user when the TaskCoach.ini file cannot be loaded.
* When saving selected tasks, also include any categories the selected
tasks are in.
* The right-click menu item 'Start tracking effort' wouldn't work for
recurring tasks.

Features added:

* The SyncML password dialog now has a more specific title.
* The system tray popup menu now has a 'New note' menu item.

What is Task Coach?

Task Coach is a simple task manager that allows for hierarchical
tasks, i.e. tasks in tasks. Task Coach is open source (GPL) and is
developed using Python and wxPython. You can download Task Coach from:


In addition to the source distribution, packaged distributions are
available for Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X, and Linux (Debian and RPM

Note that Task Coach is alpha software, meaning that it is wise to
back up your task file regularly, and especially when upgrading to a
new release.

Cheers, Task Coach developers

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