Elisa Media Center 0.5.8 Release

Florian Boucault florian at fluendo.com
Mon Sep 1 20:21:46 CEST 2008

Dear Elisa users,

The Elisa team is happy to announce the release of Elisa Media Center
0.5.8 codenamed "Purgatory".

This week the focus was on the support of more remote controls on
Windows and on performance improvements. As usual, numerous bug were
also fixed. Here are the important changes that were introduced:

- Remote controls support on Windows for Apple remotes, Streamzap
remotes and Windows Media Center remotes has been improved.
- Elisa received a brand new D-Bus API which allows other applications
to interact with it.
- You should now experience less jerky transitions while browsing Elisa.

Installers and sources can be downloaded from

Bug reports and feature requests are welcome at


The Elisa team
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Elisa 0.5.8 "Purgatory"

This is Elisa 0.5.8, eighth release of the 0.5 branch.

New features since 0.5.7:

- Various plugins of Elisa (among which the pigment plugin and the database
  plugin) now export a DBus API so that external applications can interact with
- Ability to start Elisa in "headless" mode, that is without splashscreen and
  hidden (via a command-line parameter).
- Support of Streamzap remote controls.
- Updated French translations for all plugins.

Bugs fixed since 0.5.7:

- 261451: PPA packages for 0.5.7 error
- 244627: On inserting items in a List widget, the refresh doesn't work properly
- 251599: [win32] Using message for remote control is wrong
- 261304: Elisa 0.5.7 needs packaging


You can find source releases of Elisa on the download page:

Elisa Homepage

More details can be found on the project's website: http://elisa.fluendo.com

Support and Bugs

We use Launchpad for bug reports and feature requests:


All code is in a Bazaar branch and can be checked out from there.
It is hosted on Launchpad: https://code.launchpad.net/elisa

Contributors to this release:

- Alessandro Decina
- Benjamin Kampmann
- David McLeod
- Florian Boucault
- Guido Amoruso
- Guillaume Emont
- Gunnar Holmberg
- Jes?s Corrius
- Joshua Eichen
- Lionel Martin
- Olivier Tilloy
- Philippe Normand

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