ANN: cocos2d v0.3.0 released

Lucio Torre lucio.torre at
Sat Sep 6 03:50:27 CEST 2008

ANN: cocos2d v0.3.0 released
get it at:

see our 45 minutes presentation of cocos2d at:

Whats new:
v0.3.0 - September 5th, 2008
  - Added particle systems: Sun, Fire, Fireworks, Meteor, Galaxy,
Flower, Exposion, Spiral
  - Added lerp actions
  - Applied patch by naveen.michaudagrawal
  - Applied patch by Kao Cardoso Félix
  - Applied patch by JeanpierreDA
  - Fixed Camera "once" locate bug
  - Many bugfixes
  - Primitive vector based line drawing.
  - Tile-map editor

About cocos2d:
   cocos2d is a framework for building 2D games, demos, and other
graphical/interactive applications.

Main Features:
    * Flow control: Manage the flow control between different scenes
in an easy way
    * Sprites: Fast and easy sprites
    * Actions: Just tell sprites what you want them to do. Composable
actions like move, rotate, scale and much more
    * Effects: Effects like waves, twirl, lens and much more
    * Tiled Maps: Support for rectangular and hexagonal tiled maps
    * Transitions: Move from scene to scene with style
    * Menus: Built in classes to create menus
    * Text Rendering: Label and HTMLLabel with action support
    * Documentation: Programming Guide + API Reference + Video
Tutorials + Lots of simple tests showing how to use it
    * Built-in Python Interpreter: For debugging purposes
    * BSD License: Just use it
    * Pyglet Based: No external dependencies
    * OpenGL Based: Hardware Acceleration

more info:

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