GOZERBOT 0.8.2-BETA released

Bart Thate bthate at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 11:00:02 CEST 2008

It is time for a new gozerbot release so we are pushing a new BETA for
the world to test. This time the change is rather big as most plugins
are removed from the core and put into there own tarball. So if you
want to try out 0.8.2-BETA for us and report any problems with it on
http://dev.gozerbot.org/ or in our channel #dunkbots on IRCnet we
would very much appreciate it. You can also contact me at
bthate at gmail.com. Download can be done from our website http://gozerbot.org/

new features:

    * most plugins removed from core .. this keeps the base of the bot
as small as possible
    * missing plugins can be installed via internet or via tarball
    * rewritten core .. callbacks and commands when not threaded are
not executed in the main loop anymore but instead in what are called
“runners”, threads that do the jobs. this limits the threads that are
    * new debug mode that enables more verbose logging (stacktrace)
    * a REST server and client have been added to the core .. the
cloud plugin uses these to communicate between bots. data is
transfered in json format
    * new plugins are added to the plugin collection
          o powernick (core) .. a plugin to relay the log file to an
          o throttle (core) .. throttle users to max number of
commands per minute
          o cloud (myplugs) .. connect gozerbots together
          o traclog (myplugs) .. log channel in a format suitable for
integration with trac
          o register (myplugs) .. enables users to register themselves
with the bot
          o anon (myplugs) .. register users on channel join
    * config changes are now written to the config file instead of a

TAKE NOTE: most of the plugins are removed from the core bot .. you
can use the !install-defaultplugs command to get most of these
plugins .. otherwise see !install-list of plugins that can be

About gozerbot:


    * a shell
    * python 2.4 or higher
    * if you want to remotely install plugins: the gnupg module
    * if you want mysql support: the py-MySQLdb module
    * if you want jabber support: the xmpppy module

Why gozerbot?

    * provide both IRC and Jabber support
    * user management by userhost .. bot will not respond if it
doesn't know you (see /docs/USER/)
    * fleet .. use more than one bot in a program (list of bots) (see /
    * use the bot through dcc chat
    * fetch rss feeds (see /docs/plugins/RSS/)
    * remember items
    * relaying between bots (see /docs/plugins/RELAY/)
    * program your own plugins (see /docs/PROGRAMPLUGIN/)
    * run the builtin webserver (see /docs/plugins/WEBSERVER/)
    * query other bots webserver via irc (see /docs/plugins/
    * serve as a udp <-> irc or jabber notification bot (see /docs/
    * mysql and sqlite support

the gozerbot development team

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