WSO2 Web Service Framework for Jython 1.0-alpha Released

Heshan Suriyaarachchi heshan.suri at
Sun Sep 21 18:24:27 CEST 2008

WSO2 WSF/Jython provides an amazingly simple approach to create (Code First)
and consume Web Services in Jython. This framework integrates the Apache
Axis2 <> web services engine into Jython. Thus,
providing all the power and versatility of the Axis2 engine to the Jython
user. Now, with just a few lines of code, Jython users can enjoy the
benefits of Service Oriented Architecture using Web Services in their

Web Service clients written using WSF/Jython framework could invoke
enterprise web services which require WS-Security. Sending binary
attachments as MTOM is also supported.

WSO2 WSF/Jython is released under the Apache License

There are two packages that comes with this release, the server side and the
client side.
*Client Side Features*


   Support for invoking Web Services in a simple clean manner

   Ability to use WS-Addressing when invoking services

   Ability to invoke services which require WS-Security

   Ability to send binary attachments using MTOM

Server side Features


   Support for exposing services written in Jython

   DataBinding support using a simple annotation mechanism

   Automated WSDL generation
   - Ability to expose all enterprise features of
Axis2<>to services written in Jython

Deploying a Python Service on
Enterprise Web Services using
*Reporting Problems*

Issues can be reported using the public JIRA at<>
Contact us

WSO2 WSF/Jython developers can be contacted via the mailing list ***
wsf-java-dev at*
**To subscribe please send a message to
wsf-java-dev-request at<wsf-java-dev-request at>

WSO2 WSF/Jython user mailing list is wsf-jython-user at
To subscribe please send a message to
wsf-jython-user-request at<wsf-jython-user-request at>

Alternatively, questions can also be raised in the forums:

Thank you for your interest in WSO2 WSF/Jython

*The WSO2 WSF/Jython Development Team*

2008 WSO2 Inc.

Heshan Suriyaarachchi
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