Nagare web framework - 0.1.0

Alain Poirier alain.poirier at
Wed Sep 24 22:47:04 CEST 2008

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce that the first (0.1.0) version
of the Nagare web framework is released!

To read about its features:
Release info and download page:
Source and documentation are available at the website:
Mailing lists:

About Nagare

Nagare is a components based framework: a Nagare application
is a composition of interacting components each one with its
own state and workflow kept on the server. Each component
can have one or several views that are composed to generate
the final web page. This enables the developers to reuse or
write highly reusable components easily and quickly.

Thanks to Stackless Python, Nagare is also a continuation-based
web framework which enables to code a web application like a
desktop application, with no need to split its control flow in
a multitude of controllers and with the automatic handling of
the back, fork and refresh actions from the browser.

Its component model and use of the continuation come from the
famous Seaside SmallTalk framework.


A. Poirier

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