[ANN] notmm is not a monolithic mashup 0.2.10 released !

Etienne Robillard robillard.etienne at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 03:06:44 CEST 2008


I'm delighted to announce the release of notmm 0.2.10, aka "botryococcus braunii", the
world first and only heterogeneous web toolkit with a algae-based nickname ! *:-)

notmm is a open, non-monolithic, and Python written web toolkit, mostly influenced by
Django and Pylons development. Imho, its simple design makes it a clever and remarquable 
choice from a security perspective, and in particular for building extendable mashups/web APIs.


Discussion group:

Mercurial repository:

On the PyPi archive:

This is a stable release and as usual, updating is recommended. Its also 
a important mile stone for notmm development; and I sincerely enjoyed programming
the whole thing, since the previous and now obsolete 0.2.9 release. 

Too many things has changed since the "phycocyanine" release. Most importantly,
support for Elixir, SQLAlchemy and WSGI has been greatly improved. Making it
mostly compatible with Django 1.0 was also an important feature, however I'd
be interested in comments regarding this. Does it work for you without patching
Django ? 

Moreover, for thoses interested in patching Django, I recommend you to check out 
django.bugfixes, a sister-project for notmm-0.2.10: 

$ hg clone http://joelia.gthc.org/django.bugfixes/ django.bugfixes

This repository is clonable with Mercurial, and offers a series of patches for patching
Django. So please read the README for more info.. :0)

Best regards, 

Etienne Robillard
Software Developer, Green Tea Hackers Club
Website: http://gthc.org/ 
Email: robillard.etienne (at) gmail.com

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