Elisa Media Center 0.5.12 Release

Florian Boucault florian at fluendo.com
Mon Sep 29 19:32:25 CEST 2008

Dear Elisa users,

The Elisa team is happy to announce the release of Elisa Media Center
0.5.12, code-named "Hibo". 

This release fixes a handful of bugs and enhances the current user
experience with the following new features:

- the Flickr plugin has been improved in very important ways adding
notably allowing the user to login and access his, her personal content,
contact list and friends' photos
- an animated buffering bar was introduced in the player user interface
giving better feedback and a slicked look and feel
- a more appropriate, nicer looking volume bar is now part of the player
user interface
- plugins can now be branded in the user interface to provide the user
with a more immersive experience; only the Flickr plugin has been
updated so far

Unfortunately YouTube servers have changed the way they work and it is
very likely, depending on the country you live in, that playing back
videos from YouTube from within Elisa does not work anymore. Reference: 

A complete list of the new features and bugs fixed by this release is
available at:


Installers and sources can be downloaded from

Bug reports and feature requests are welcome at

Have a nice evening,

The Elisa team

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